pic: Raffle JVN Pillow

So JVN, Eric O'Brien and Chris C. came down to do a mechanical presentation for our team in the preseason… and they all stayed at my apartment… I ended up shoving the pillows Eric & John slept on back in the closet not thinking… Here is JVN's Pillow… up for raffle!! :slight_smile:

So I was reading all of the “Who I want to meet” and “Who I met” threads here, and I starting thinking about how my team really wants a Vex kit for this summer…

Then I remembered what was in my closet!! An OFFICAL JVN pillow!! Look close… you can see hair (preshaving!)

Story being that JVN, Eric O’Brien, and Chris C stayed at my apartment for a night so that they could do a mechanical presentation for our team…

Anyone want to start the bidding?? :slight_smile: haha.

I told you that john thinks about Robotics ALL THE TIME!!! THINK PINK … Team 233…

umm… how about a dollar? :rolleyes:

Pillow cost at least $5, I will leave off the cost of the case because it was cheap… but a vex kit is $300!!

There seems to be a seahorse shaped slobber stain just right of center on the pillow case. This also being displayed in the classic ebay carpet standing on my toes shot has made this item extremely desirable. Some people wanting actually to be JVN could use this DNA sample. You mention hair, but I think he’s bald now, so this is false advertising and people will catch on. Use the slobber to your advantage.

Did he drool in his sleep? :wink:

I am no longer JVN!


He is bald now, but I don’t think he was bald before the season started, which is when he slept on this pillow ;).

I believe you can get Hazmat to haul that away for 50 bucks.

If you get JVN to autograph it, I will open the bidding at $7.

Andy B.

Your poor wife…I can imagine the discourse when you bring that home… :wink:

Mr. Baker: “Hey honey! I bought us something that I really want to display!”
Mrs. Baker: “Great! What…its a pillow?”
Mr. Baker: “Yeah! Autographed by JVN right next to the seahorse-shaped spitmark! It’s so cool!”
Mrs. Baker: “…that’s…great…honey…let’s display it…next to the open window over here…so that the neighbors can look at it too!”

HAHAHA… this is one of the funniest forums yet…

…but the drool mark looks more like a mermade to me, not a seahorse.

Can someone get a zoom-ed in pic of the drool mark??? Then the real debate can begin on what it looks like.

Finally, something to go with my grilled cheese Virgin Mary, cinnamon-roll Mother Tereasa, and Britney Spear’s pregnancy test! :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Eww! :eek:

Don’t tell me that I have to shell out $7 for this. C’mon, people, the Thundering Herd wants a VEX robot! It’s for the kids! Give it up!

… what was I thinking?


This is by far the most disturbing event in the history of the “I Am JVN” era.

That being said, I’ll give you ten dollars for it. :rolleyes:

I will give you $11 for the pillow case, just so I can burn it. Because the real question we should ask ourselvesis, “Do we really want anymore JVN’s running around?”


There’s a fine line between “supportive citizen” and “whacko stalker”. I’d love to make a straight donation for the Vex kit, but this whole pillow thing is creepy to me. Maybe the cultural norms and values are different in the Mid-West than they are here in the East. Andy?

I’ll take “supportive whacko” as a compromise. :slight_smile:

(it’s time to change my Custom User Title)

Rich, you need to come out to Indiana and see how crazy we are. Come to IRI on July 22-23. Your boys will have a blast. We have donut eating contests to see who has the best legs. We paint our pigs. We dress up like crazy people and sing about stupid stuff. We argue about which time zone we are in. We polish up our farm animals and put them on a stage for all to see. We reluctantly support a basketball team who likes to beat up people from Michigan. About 400,000 of us gather together to watch cars go around in a circle. We also build robots.

Yep, our cultural norm is a bit different than you cultured Pennsylvanians. We can live with that.

Oh… and thanks to Alex and Jay for going over my bid. whew!

Andy B.


OHIO - An island of Midwestern normalcy in the middle of a sea of insanity.

Ohio law classifies JVN’s pillow as a biological waste hazard and therefore prohibits such repulsive material from crossing our borders. :slight_smile: Those who attempt to violate this directive will be forced to toil in the salt mines under Lake Erie for 50 years. Should anyone choose to bring the pillow from New York to the IRI, you will have to beg Karthik to smuggle the pillow through Canada and Michigan, where they don’t care about such things as public health and safety. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll pay you $20 to keep it and incinerate it for the health and safety of the American people. (This is a legitimate bid, btw.)