pic: RAGE at the Winter War Zone (UTC Scrimmage)

Here is some more action from the UTC Scrimmage yesterday. In the background, one of the teams has fallen victim to the Ramp+Gravity fiasco, and has tipped over while trying to get up the ramp. Doh’t!

As if the bad luck was not restricted to that robot, RAGE’s hopper fell off during the same match. As I understand it was a simple fix, but it gave me a chance to get peek “under the hood” of RAGE. :wink:

And if I’m remembering correctly, that was also the match that unleashed the poofballs into the bleachers! (No injuries, just not expected by those of us who were sitting there!)

we didnt knock off thier hopper i swear =D <3

awesome job guys at the scrim and cant wait to see you at UTC…

*w00t we are in the background =D

Is there a report somewhere on the scrimmage?

Could folks score in the high goal?

How did auton work out?

Did the winner of auton mostly win the match?

Do tell…

Joe J.

Found one… …see here.