pic: Ragnarok Teaser (701)

Little bit of a teaser.

Did you build that entire sideplate from 1/4" milled aluminum?

That whole side plate was milled out of 3/16" aluminum stock.

Dang looks really heavy

Looking good can’t wait to see the final product!

Oh wow. When I first saw it, I thought it was plasma cut. What cutter were you using on the lettering? It looks like you didn’t quite get all of the material.

Don’t you love it when you try to post a simple teaser and everyone starts to pick you apart on little details! ::rtm::

It looks awesome and we look forward to what you come up with. If the robot turns out half as awesome as the name it will be great. You might even say it will be …“end of all things!”

We’re looking into that!

Thank you very much! We are super excited for what we have in store for the teams this year and can’t wait to show it off at comp. As for the cutting, I believe the pocketing on the material did not go all the way through, but a little filing will do. Thanks for all the feedback and good luck to all the teams!

We used an 1/8th inch carbide for the lettering. We still had a little bit of clean up to do after we took the picture.