pic: Rain = Water (Pic #2)


Well this week after we got back from IRI the 4H fair was going on. We had a booth there and we were doing demist rations every night starting at 5:30 and lasting about 2 hours. Well that day, 07/26/05, our demo got cut short by a small rain. But about a half hour or maybe an hour later northern Indiana got hit with some really bad weather. We ended up having this huge downpour.

During this the tent filled up with people. Well I was talking while looking at little streams of water running through and said "if we get much more water we may have to pick the robots up" well just after saying that I hear "Oh my gosh" and before I had time to even turn and look there was a huge river of water running through the tent. To think we had battery chargers and AC Strips on the floor, boy did we rush to get those up.

We had put all of our cameras out in the car, therefore only leaving a mentor's camera phone. This picture was taken near the beginning of the itsy bitsy flood. The water got close to being ankle deep.

Later the evacuated the tent for safety concerns… they were afraid water colleting on the top would make it collapse. Then we also found out later on that there were two tornado's in the counties right next to ours.