pic: Ramp Riot 10th Anniversary Ceremony

Rookies, 4 year Veterans, and Team Alumni watch the Ramp Riot 10th Anniversary Video at the Alumni Ceremony

This would be a great addition to the Inspirational Photos thread.

Your description helps us understand this moment that has been beautifully captured.

Congratulations to all of you.

What I love most about the photo is the symbolism. You have several rookies, a senior, two 2006 grads, and a 2000 grad all looking in the same direction as if with one purpose. And generally that is true for all kids in FIRST.

FIRST has a way of getting all of the arrows moving in the same direction.

Incidentally, the 2000 grad in the back to the left was one of the first kids we ever picked during our rookie season. He came to Ramp Riot with his 3 year old boy and brought him out onto the field for the ceremony. Just an amazing experience!

I can’t discern the rookies. Not in any way.