pic: Ramp Riot MCs

Here are two of the best MCs we have ever had at Ramp Riot. Its great when you can get other teams involved too. Thanks Ashley and Dan!!! You were amazing!

Thank you very much for those kind words Mr. Ostrow, really :slight_smile: They mean soooo much :slight_smile:
We had a blast and were thrilled you gave us the chance :slight_smile:

Ash took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks so much Mr. Ostrow, we had a great time doing something we both love and enjoy. Again, thank you sooo much for giving us the chance, I’m glad we didn’t disappoint. :slight_smile:

I think next year… I’m going to have to show Dan up. =P but only because he looks like a monkey.

But really, you guys were awesome! (still are awesome) but as emcees - great job!