pic: Ramp Video

We built a ramp using HDPE plastic and ran the robot up and down to test the suspension and six wheel drive system. It worked great.

To view a video goto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xby0SOphLUg&feature=channel_page

(I do not know vBCode sorry)

Very nice guys! Congratulations on that amazing drive!

Heres a quick link to the video

I should have had it go sidways more to show that the ball differnetal works but if you look close at the start it goes sideways.

Awesome! In the video, you could have made the plastic a little more sturdy. But it still made it up, amazingly easy. Great job!

It is SO cool. I really hope to see this on your competition bot. Should be interesting to see how you end up mounting a manipulator on it.

are those chains i see going to the omni wheel in the middle? if so have you had a problem with them falling off?

I remember admiring the design for this… good to see it came out so well!

Uh… Section 8, R11 The FRAME PERIMETER must be comprised of fixed, non-articulated structural elements of the ROBOT. The FRAME PERIMETER must remain a fixed, unchanging polygon throughout the MATCH.


Sorry guys, we had the same idea…

I wonder if you could mount a FRAME around an articulating drivetrain. Since at least two of the wheels will be touching the ground at any one time, the BUMPERS could be mounted to the back of the suspension in a fixed manner… I think they have ways of legally doing it.

That isn’t the frame of our robot though… so we are perfectly safe.::smiley: Our frame won’t have a suspension.

FRAME PERIMETER – the polygon defined by the outer-most set of exterior vertices on the ROBOT (without the BUMPERS attached) that are within the BUMPER ZONE. To determine the FRAME PERIMETER, wrap a piece of string around the ROBOT at the level of the BUMPER ZONE - the string describes this polygon.

I think the judges would frown on that, it’s kind of lawyer-ing, you know? I mean, the point of that Rule R11 is to prevent you from doing that. I don’t think you should do it, as much as I would LOVE to…

This picture was posted a year ago as a prototype concept. It may or may not have any bearing on what team 1322 is doing this year.

…not that it wouldn’t be pretty awesome to see in competition…

Words worth repeating.

As you can see from the drawing the frame is stationary on level ground and does not articulate. When it goes over the ramp the drive system articulates but the frame remains solid. ( the frame is where the bumpers are attached).

Joe, it seems to me that as the middle wheel goes up, the outer wheels go down. Wouldn’t this cause the bumper height to change? Bumpers must remain in the BUMPER ZONE, 10-16" off a level surface.

Key phrase–“level surface”. If the robot is set up on a level surface, are the bumbers in the bumper zone?

Looks like your center wheels are 2 individual omni wheels per side, each one slaved to either the fore or aft mecanum wheel. So basically the center wheels are commanded to have the same velocity profile as the front/back wheels. Is this accurate? :confused:
btw, awesome design and thanks for sharing your ideas. We’re a second year team so still need lots of help!

There’s a ball differential so if the front and back wheels are spinning in opposite directions, the omnis don’t turn.

This may sound a tad bit pompous but that seems like lawyering to me. The way we look at it is: What’s the purpose of the rule? What is it trying to stop us from doing?

Last year, there was a robot that had fans on the bottom of it at the Portland regional. The idea was to suck it down to the floor in order to gain more traction. The judges didn’t let it slide and the team ended up with a box on wheels. I’m not trying to be a rules Nazi, I just think the judges won’t let it pass and you’ll be in some serious trouble…