pic: Ramp

This is about half of the sheet metal thats supposed to go on our robot

I forgot to make it say “Teaser” on the title… But this is half of the sheetmetal thats supposed to go on our robot

How does it look?


Looks good, but you made the dimples go the wrong way!

I fear that that ramp has not a lot of friction. You should sandblast the surface, or it’ll be hard for robots to climb up your ramp (what angle is it at?)

WOW, half the sheet metel? I work with weight calculation and planning on my team and may I just ask one question: How heavy? It seems to weigh a lot.

Total, the pieces are from 2.5 4’ x 8’ .032 sheets of aluminum. me and another kid and a mentor punched and flanged 1,056 holes by hand 1 x 1.
And we still have to make spares.

Yup… the dimples go down for the robot to go on the ramp. I will upload a pic of the unfolded ramps (on Inventor) tomorrow so you understand how the ramp will work

The holes are for taking the weight of the robot down & to make the ramp stronger. There are about 34 of those pieces. And we dont know what will be in the middle ramp.

Basically, the piece in the middle is the robot. The pieces on the two sides are the platforms. And, more pieces will fold down for the ramp. So, it will be gigantic once it unfolds. So, there will be 3 platforms for the robot to stand on & 3 ramps for the robot to use to get on the platforms :smiley: You’ll see what I mean once I upload the new pic.