pic: Ratchety Swerve Progress 3


Finished the module! Switched the belt ratio to 3:1 for a free speed of 15ft/sec and adjusted speed of 13ft/sec. Now to make a chassis…
Weight per module is 6.7lbs.

Ignore the fact that the module looks the same, it is far from done.

Here’s the list of changes to be made:
-Switching the PG71 to a 775pro on a VP
-Changing side plate thickness to 3/8"
-Larger bolts to connect the module (1/4-20)
-Adding two 0.25" steel standoffs on either side of the wheel
-Additional protection of the drive pulleys/CIM shaft (any ideas?)
-Putting a hole in the left side plate of the module large enough for the CIM to be unscrewed and slid out as opposed to taking the whole $@#$@#$@#$@# thing apart
-Thrust bearings

Possible changes I’m considering:
-Swapping the wheel out for a more accessible option
-4 wheels instead of 6

Looks good. That’s a really thin top plate though, and the lightening pattern is very aggressive. If you switch to a 1/4" plate you can get away with just 1 plate, but you might be better off using 2 1/8" plates so you can clamp on a 1x1 or 2x1.

Noted. Thanks again dude!

Could you post a half section view that shows the bearing set up?

I’m not at school (I can only work on it there), so I can’t :frowning: I could try to explian it if you want?

A quick sketch with pen a paper would suffice.

Look for a PM soon. You’re talking about the steering, right?

I’m talking about a half section view that shows the bearing set up for the whole module. I’m sure you could post it in the thread for additional clarity for everyone.

I’d recommend changing the lightening pattern. Functionality before looks. I’d stay with an 1/8" plate, as a 1/4" plate is just a waste of weight in my opinion.

edit: I’d recommend a hexagon or triangle lightening pattern. I can post an example it you’d like.

Please do :slight_smile: