pic: Ratchety Swerve Progress 6


Pocketed the side plates (took a lot of weight out) and made a 1x1 tube frame (1/8" wall). Modules turned out to weigh 4.926lbs each, which I consider a massive accomplishment! Total weight with everything shown is 30.4lbs.

Still to come:
-Wire tensioner
-Steering gearboxes (775pros on a 10:1 VP gearboxes)

Forgot to mention above, also adding bumpers and bumper mounts. Any questions/feedback?

Looks good! You’ll probably want to use more than a 10:1 off the 775pro, something around 90:1 or 100:1 total is what I like to use.
Do you have pics of your thrust bearing/regular bearing setup for the coaxial shaft?

Unfortunately, I do not. Just imagine a roller bearing sitting on top of a thrust bearing on one shaft, and that’s pretty much it.

Definitely agree with the transmission part. We used a bag motor on a 100:1 this year for our swerve and I believe we had the speed tuned down in code. Be very careful with your turning belts. We had serious trouble with them slipping this year and didn’t realize it till district champs (week 6). There is a lot of force required to turn the turret(what we call the wheel assembly) when you turn it very quickly while also doing 13-16fps.

90:1 it is then :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my gosh, it actually has a chassis now! :ahh:

A single roller bearing will not constrain the module sufficiently. You need 2 ball bearings or 2 roller bearings to constrain it properly.

To be fair the 6wd Dillon and I made in 2010 had a single big needle bearing up top, and then a thrust bearing under it, and that was it.
Doesn’t mean it was a great idea, but it worked okay as long as you have the needle bearing running on the appropriate hardened and ground sleeve.

The Revolution pro module uses a single large bushing as well.


Being a new person to this, I can’t see the turning motors. Are those going to go that left corner of each module? Also, it’s a belt/pulley that turns the module, right?

Yes and yes! I might change some thing around to where all the steering motors face towards the outer corners of the bot (easy maintenence).

I’ll add a bracket that allows another bearing to be mounted 1" above the roller bearing :wink:

I KNOW RIGHT! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Side note, literally just figured out how to qoute multiple replies. No more three replies in a row from now on, guys! :o

Interesting. I wonder how much tolerancing plays into it (ground sleeve for example).
Switching to a super long bushing like the Rev. Pro might be good actually if you want to run with fewer bearings.