pic: Raul and Andy Baker

Bharat (left) and Corey (right) going as Raul and Andy Baker. Yay!!!

That was a fun time-we had a JVN in there too, he kind of stopped wearing the shirt. The whole wearing three layers of shirts gets to you after a while.

BTW-that hat is a normal construction worker hat, with electrical tape. You cant imagine how long it took me to make that electrical tape stay perfect.

When we went up for alliance picking, i went onto the field. So as i go to pick, someone tells Ian or Big Mike when did 45 get here, they arent in the rankings, whats going on(or something like that-im tired-really really tired). Someone also said why is 45 picking first, they didnt do that good today.

I also said Andy Baker would like to select while picking 303-may have caused confusion.

Corey… you only wish if you could be Andy Baker…

p.s.- take those off and put a team 25 shirt back on… and now since i know you… i am gonna make my mom get me some good brownies… and give it to you at nationals… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit- who doesnt want be to Andy Baker…

ITS ANDY!!! :slight_smile:

I do wish i was Andy Baker.

Are we going to start a whole new “I am Andy Baker” thing?

It already has Started a Long time ago… :slight_smile:

No way!

How exactly does one go about dressing up like me?
Honestly… I’m wicked curious.

(anyone makes a balding joke, they’re dead.)

Who’s got a picture?

Ill see what i can do-he only had it on for three rounds this morning, not sure if any were taken in between.

I don’t know if Andy would laugh at this or be disappointed. HAHA I have thought about taking a pic similar to this but never did…Nice job though! And I REALLY AM AB!


Raul(Yes, I was suppose to be Raul for the day even though the writing on my shirt isn’t clear), are you surprised, disappointed, happy or what? ducks

Not bad - You look better than me in that shirt.

I have a question…how’d they get bakers helmet? I am on his team and I don’t even know where he keeps it. Tell me where you found it!!!



my whole team is VERY confused…

Yay! Awesome job guys. Love the Halloween costumes. I wish I could have been there!!! <3<3

Bharat, I don’t see any under armor underneath the shirt! And no safety glasses behind the head ties!

What gives?

Good choices though!

gasp… Is Andy Baker the new JVN???

I remember back when I was the “next Andy Baker”.

I guess we’ve come full circle, ehh buddy? :wink:

For the record:
Andy is WAY cooler than I am.
He’s the man, and I can only aspire to be as awesome as he is.

Dont listen to what john says…

John, himself has a lot of knowledge. he has helped me out with a lot of technical things. he is almost there to be a professional Engineer. there is a lot to learn from him. i am glad to meet a guy like John in FIRST.

As far as Andy goes, He is one of the BEST engineers we have in FIRST, Andy also taught me a lot of stuff. I dont think anyone has the patience to sit down with me for 4 hours and teach me how to calculate a gearbox…

the truth is: We (FIRSTers) can’t Afford to lose neither Andy Baker nor John V. Neun. :slight_smile:

Godd choices guys…I am glad you didn’t choose someone easy to replicate such as Dave (Hawai’ian shirt) or Dean (all denim).