pic: Raul and Andy Baker

I don’t know if Andy would laugh at this or be disappointed. HAHA I have thought about taking a pic similar to this but never did…Nice job though! And I REALLY AM AB!


Raul(Yes, I was suppose to be Raul for the day even though the writing on my shirt isn’t clear), are you surprised, disappointed, happy or what? ducks

Not bad - You look better than me in that shirt.

I have a question…how’d they get bakers helmet? I am on his team and I don’t even know where he keeps it. Tell me where you found it!!!



my whole team is VERY confused…

Yay! Awesome job guys. Love the Halloween costumes. I wish I could have been there!!! <3<3

Bharat, I don’t see any under armor underneath the shirt! And no safety glasses behind the head ties!

What gives?

Good choices though!

gasp… Is Andy Baker the new JVN???

I remember back when I was the “next Andy Baker”.

I guess we’ve come full circle, ehh buddy? :wink:

For the record:
Andy is WAY cooler than I am.
He’s the man, and I can only aspire to be as awesome as he is.

Dont listen to what john says…

John, himself has a lot of knowledge. he has helped me out with a lot of technical things. he is almost there to be a professional Engineer. there is a lot to learn from him. i am glad to meet a guy like John in FIRST.

As far as Andy goes, He is one of the BEST engineers we have in FIRST, Andy also taught me a lot of stuff. I dont think anyone has the patience to sit down with me for 4 hours and teach me how to calculate a gearbox…

the truth is: We (FIRSTers) can’t Afford to lose neither Andy Baker nor John V. Neun. :slight_smile:

Godd choices guys…I am glad you didn’t choose someone easy to replicate such as Dave (Hawai’ian shirt) or Dean (all denim).

Yea, I wasn’t fully prepared for this, but we hoped to make you laugh. The Andy Baker and Raul thing was Big Mike’s idea, I think.

Next we’ll see a Bakers dozen…

(goes to closet to see if striped hard hat is there… yep, it is)

Holy cow, this is funny. I am going to print this thread out and show my wife… she’ll fall on the floor laughing.

I agree with Raul. You two look much better than we do.

My hat is off to Corey and Bharat for doing this. Corey - you need a better T-Kats shirt, please PM me with your home address.

Andy B.

The Andy Baker idea was mine, then it was followed by Big Mike’s idea of having the rest of the team dress up as “famous” mentors. Although, it wouldnt have been possible without Big Mike and his plethora of shirts.

Yay going as Andy Baker and Raul! :smiley:

That was absolutely grand. I have to admit when Corey told me the idea, it was absolutely fitting. If they had given out a best-dressed PERSON award, it should have gone to one of you. Now that’s seriously dressing for FIRST! :wink:

here is the best Dean costume we had…