pic: Ravebot!!!

Always comes up in brainstorming on kick-off day. I dont know why it keeps getting turned down!

The level of win this would contain would only be seconded by anime. And it would be a blast at regionals. With the added bonus of the opposite alliance not moving their robot because they are dancing like only geeks can:D

What a beautiful render!

A few questions…
1/8" or 1/6"?
Whats the weight, aprox?

Is that with the added weight of the pressure created from sound system?

You see, with speakers this powerful, when aimed at a positive angle upwards, they actually compress the air above enough to force the robot down with upwards of 20 pounds of force.

Allow me to clarify a bit on this, and our plan on how it would work:

Basically, it just spins in circles while blasting music. It also, as you can see, contains disco balls and strobe lights.
Throughout each round, our team would dance at the driver station. Furthermore, every round we would ensure our alliance that we would actually try that round, just to start dancing and spinning the robot in circles yet again. The goal of this would be hearing teams get super annoyed whenever they find out that 2607 is on their alliance. To make it even better, getting to Einstein with a robot would just be the epitome of awesomeness.:smiley:

But yeah, for some reason, people prefer our current robot with a rotating turret and camera tracking over the ravebot… I honestly don’t know why…:confused:

Our off-season project was a music robot. It has xylophones, drums, a disco ball, and other miscellaneous instruments that I’m not quite too sure about.

Thanks for doing the CAD for us!

Thanks for doing the CAD for us!

Thankyou. By the complexity of the design, Im sure you can tell that I painstakingly used Autodesk inventor to design such a thing.

It is completely parametric from all elements in the picture.

I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but…


Robot parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, cause an unsafe condition, or interfere with
the operation of other Robots.

Examples of items that will violate this rule include (but are not limited to):

B. Speakers, sirens, air horns, or other audio devices that generate sound at a level
sufficient to be a distraction

Perfect for the DiscoBots! we usually just settle for a mini discoball ornament…

It wouldn’t let me post my super long post about this >.<

Anyways, this was a running joke created by our former chief engineer, and has been suggested at every kickoff. Our plan was to have it spin in circles as the drivers just dance. We would hope that we could hear teams say, “2607 is on our alliance? NOOOOOOO!” And of course, getting to Einstein with a ravebot would be more epic than everything else in the universe combined.

… Every time I post my message vanishes…

Anyways, this was originally our former chief engineer’s idea. Getting to (and winning) nationals with a ravebot would be the ultimate FIRST robotics team accomplishment.

Getting to nationals with a ravebot would be… epic!