pic: RC 1736 bumpers


Love the bumpers
Even if they are illegal.
Don’t know for sure, but i want a pair.

They look nice and legal to me. Am I missing something?


If the numbers are applied to the cloth of the bumbers with ink or dye, they would still be considered Standard Bumpers. If addition material is added to the bumpers in order to display the number, they would no long be considered Standard Bumpers but would instead be considered custom bumpers.

So, these bumpers might be legal if the images were applied using ink or dye, but would not be if they were decals, vinyl, or anything else. I’m not sure where spray paint falls (it’s what we used), but with most substances, the bumpers would need to be Custom Bumpers for them to be legal.

A later Q&A makes it clear that the Standard Bumper material test is for “tough, smooth cloth”.

If embroidering the cloth still leaves it tough and smooth, then embroidery would be acceptable.

Based on this and another identically worded answer about paint, I’m certain that “if decals, vinyl, or anything else still leaves it tough and smooth, then decals, vinyl, or anything else would be acceptable.”

I think that this is fine, besides they look sweet, so they cant be too upset right… :slight_smile: These look nice!.. Good luck at your regional!