pic: Reaching for the stars

Wow thats a bit on the high side? I will ship a Team 710 shirt to the first person who can spot the “anti rollover” system on the bot!

First off nice bot guys. Now, as far as i can tell you have 2 pneumatic cylinders on the side that extend outwards to keep you on your wheels. thats just my guess.


Is it that extrmemely haaeavy lookin gblack box? If not its gotta be the fact that there is near to no forward out in front extension of the “arm”

ok let me guess…

2 cims on drive with kitbot transmission

cim with kit trans on the telescoping section with what looks like 25 chain (hope its not too lose)

vandoor on the joint at the top.

oh that also looks like my driveway…a bit different from the snow covered streets here in philly :wink:

It looks like you have a seperate drive train that goes right and left, but it only touches the ground of you start to tip. then you drive it and pop back up

Actually, that extremely heavy-looking black box you see there is not, in fact, heavy. Or a box for that matter. lol
And the upper arm does go out more than the picture depicts, but it follows a circular motion so it can only reach as far as the arm is long.

Anyway, We (710) are gonna rock this year. To all teams going to the UCF regional: Watch out!!
(sorry, got a burst of team spirit there)

UCF regional? crap we’re screwed… :slight_smile:
Awesome bot guys

Thank you kind sir :slight_smile:

wow way cool guys-- you sure have the height to cap any goal–how fast now???

can’t wait to see at ucf
cya there in a few weeks

So close to capping the B-ball hoop… Or maybe the tree? :slight_smile:

Looks great, the tetra grabber looks like it works very well
Good luck at UCF.