pic: Ready for weight, Breakaway 8 wheel

How did you solve the issue of the pivots popping up when you strafe?

woah, 8 wheel mechanum.

Do the extra 4 mechanum wheels actually help that much, because theoretically you should get the same amount of friction from 8 wheels as you would from 4.

Really cool idea though, I hope it works out.

I doubt the rationale for 8wd was traction, but instead bump traversion ability.

I took one look. “Holy…” I’m still trying to find my jaw.

Now get that robot finished and I’ll start running for the other coast…

Man, that had to have been expensive.

And the weight is…? Looks like it is under 100 lbs, like our robot. Good luck, and cool design.

Holy mechanum wheels Batman!

Looks great guys…good luck!

as you see it, it is ~96 pounds. We still have the ball manipulator and the hanging device to finalize. The 8 wheels are to ensure a safe ride over the bump, as well as to keep at least 4 mecanum wheels on the ground at all times. In testing we went over the bump very smoothly compared to 4 wheels, the strafing ability is also looking promising for ball aquasition and fireing.

p.s. we solved the “popping” problem by putting the pivot axle in line with the wheels, in the original design we had a triangle and that was a problem.