pic: Ready to start in Atlanta


Our robot in its starting position. Many announcers, and spectators, didn’t really know what we were doing during autonomous. We just made it drive forward quickly then reverse in order to get our tower locked in place.

You guys did so well this year! You guys, along with 2194, 2062, 93, 537, 1714, and 1675, made us proud to call ourselves Wisconsinites.

Can’t wait to see you guys again at IRI!

Don’t forget 2062!

Go go Wisconsin!

If there are any other cheese heads out there that want to check us out there are a ton more pictures on our website. team1732.com

Nice Job Guys! How did your robot do? I really wanted to check out the ATL, but you know how it is. I was really busy, and just couldn’t get the money for it.

We went 7-0 during qualification matches (thanks alliance partners), and were seeded at number 1 for the curie division. We were able to win during the quarterfinals thanks to team 67 (the HOT team) and 48 (Delphi Elite). We then had three very difficult matches during the semi-finals, but we came out on top, fortunatly. The Finals on curie is where we were eliminated by the awsome beach bot alliance. We did much better than we ever expected to though. I am also proud to say we never tipped over in any regional or at the championship.