pic: Rear view of our 07 'bot

The view of the broad side of a 'bot.

Here’s a picture of the other side, as for whatever reason… It didn’t go through…


Looks very nice Cody. Do you have a video of you guys scoring and the ramp deploying?

just…wow. okay but I will say more. Just an awesome looking bot, I take it you’re just going for some quick and easy points on the bottom row? And then, correct if I’m wrong, it appears you have some sort of ramp mechanism as well…

It looks like a lot of weight up high. Do you guys have any problems with quickly accelerating or going up other ramps? Maybe that ramp is really light, but I’m not sure if such a narrow drivebase would mesh well with your driving style, Cody :stuck_out_tongue:

what did you guys use for ramp material? how much does your ramp wiegh?

Is it just me or are the driver’s going to have fun trying to navigate this piece?

Yes we do… I’ll try to post it before too long.

Yep, a 100 inch long, 36 inch wide ramp.

You mean frantic?:cool:

The ramp weighs about 40 lbs, so that really isn’t a problem. I posted an animation a little bit ago to show how the frame prevents us from tipping…No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t tip it.

Perf aluminum and aluminum tubing.