pic: Rearranged FIRST

One of my fellow team members (jon K) showed me this. Its the sign of a local buiness, freaky huh?
and yes i blurred out the lady's name

rofl, at first I thought this was a joke sign made in photoshop for a sort of FIRST rehabilitation centre; kinda like drug addict rehab. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha. Also, the initials are “IRS”.

you know what they say, never mess with the “IRS”

Did anyone notice that “IRS” is also in “FIRST”? To many coincidences here.

it is close enough to the FIRST insignia that at first glance I thought that it was. Quite bizzare

That is kinda creepy. LOL I would love to see that for real though.
Seems to me everywhere I look now, I see something that reminds me of FIRST.
Quite scary.


Now for the good question. :wink:

Which came first: (pun intentional :stuck_out_tongue: )

The Integrated Rehabilitation Services logo OR the FIRST logo?

How about this?


Maybe the inspiration for the FIRST logo?

“Triangle, Circle, Square with Ginko”
Mixed Media Chinese Ink
Size (sight) 23"x33" Framed 32"x42"
Signed with artists signature lower left
The Artist likes to use the Universal symbols of the circle, triangle and square in many of her images.
Circle indicates wholeness.
Square represents stability, solidity and security.
Triangle denotes goals, dreams and vision.
The painting is on handmade Chinese paper with some collage.
Sarantos used hand ground Chinese ink and watercolors.
An antique seal was stamped in the background.
The double seal is the Artist’s name and was carved by Hong Kong Artist Tang Siu Hung.
The painting was in the Newport Art Museum Annual Members juried Show in 1997.

Or how about this one?


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First thing I thought of when I saw that was. “Wow! That is so awesome! Some team has to get them as a sponsor! Can you imagine the website/animation oppurtunities? A sweet animation of the IRS logo and name rearranging to the FIRST logo and name.” Of course it would be kind of strange to have a “rehabilitation service” sponsor a robotics team. Donating to make robots move when they are trying to get people to move…

FIRST is really impacting the world. They’re even making toddlers’ games with the logo :smiley:
And even jewlery!