pic: Recycle Rush Strategy Board

1:32 scale, 1/2 field magnetic strategy board.

Is that one of the printing beds for a dimension 3d printer that I see? :wink:

Yes…We have an old dimension 768 bst and these were printed on a new dimension 1200es.

could you release the stl files.

You beat us to it! We talked about creating this exact board, then making a WWII spoof video where the team stood around it in pink and black versions of German uniforms moving pieces with hook-shaped sticks.

This is amazing! That would be incredibly useful!

.STL files would be would be awesome. This would be really nice for strategy discussion at events.

Now all you need are miniature robots:)

Can you make me a copy of that? thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see more teams making strategy boards! Looks really clean too. Definitely would like those STL files though, all the tote models we found have had mesh errors that prevented us from printing.

If you could share the stl files that would be great.

Wow, that is super cool and looks very helpful!

I beleve the students got the files from the FRC field elements folder provided by FIRST. The files were then derived at .0308 and edited to create a hole for the magnets. I will try and post the files this afternoon.