pic: Redline

A fun picture we took at the Championships in Atlanta.

I think that should go in the “Inspirational Photos” section…

Very nice!

Great job this year!! Your team was awesome. Can’t wait til next year to see what you come up with…


This robot has “engineering” written all over it…great job guys

Way to support your robot!

wow, that’s a very well engineered robot. congrats on getting to the championships in atlanta

Awesome robot. Awesome team. Can’t wait to play with you guys again next year!

As a college student who has four fill FIRST seasons behind him now I can honestly there aren’t too many robots/ teams this year that impressed me. 118’s engineering and overall design made me realize why I am in FIRST and why I am studying engineering. Great robot and team as always congraulations on a sucessful year Robonauts.


Like this?


That’s a really cool picture!
I think it would be an awesome one to frame and have around your school/wherever you build your robot. Then everyone can be both INSPIRED and MOTIVATED. :slight_smile:

It really illustrates the team work that FIRST almost requires to be a great team with powerful robots and a lot of gracious professionalism.

impressive and inspiring picture :slight_smile: