pic: Reds Robotics Almost Done

We are very close to be done; what we need to do is mount the camera, autonomous code, finish painting. There won’t be any yellow, it’s all black and red. A more updated picture will be on later and that one will have our gripper on it. (Plus this one doesn’t have all the panels and casings on or the ramp. Currently we weigh in at 123.6 lbs.)

Looks good. Good luck this year. (Dont let those Mythbusters give you any ideas either :wink: )

I love the jackstands!

Looks good guys!

But what is the arm used for?:confused:

It’s to pick up the inner tubes and to score them onto the spider legs. This picture doesn’t have our extension and gripper on it(as you can see, it’s a garage door opener;) ), but I will get a more updated picture later.

the mythbusters always add a nice touch for robotics ^.^

MYTHBUSTERS!!! What episode was that?- :smiley:

Looks good guys.

You sure about the kit wheels?

They work pretty well for us so far(on carpet).

We had a marathon.