pic: Ref gets his

Ruckus was great. This was a highlight as a ref gets whats coming. I know everyone wishes that tey were doing the giving. Jay has now become an icon in FIRST with his perfect aim.

For those who missed Ruckus, this was one of the interesting side events.

you know Steve, this means I need to find a nice picture of you getting hit by that weird guy.

But lets be honest here the one who deserves a pie in the face is a robomom who nominated both of us…jenny better watch her back…ummm…face :smiley:


Was that you? Should we introduce this interesting custom to the Israeli teams?


Caption Contest:


See i don’t think you ever got the memo, I am immune from caption contests, due to a specific deal I have with Billfred.

hahaha… I think I can say the same… =)

The time will come when the hunter becomes the hunted. :cool:

How much did Steve pay off all the people with cameras? How can it be that there are no photos? Hundreds of people and no evidence of a pieing? I suspect a conspiracy! :cool:

i dont think our team has a picture either