pic: Referee demos one of the rules

Here the referees demos the rule at the 72x72 extension.

Thou shalt not use the Rack N Roll field as your own personal slip and slide?

Refs get alllllll the fun :wink:

Mark made me be the robot since I was the tallest of the group. I thought I made a pretty good robot, and I was probably one of the only robots of the day not to lose parts on the field! :ahh:

Oof, Slip 'N Slide. The game where everyone loses.

Also the game where you get many scrapes and what not for falling off the slip n slide matt too many times :rolleyes: it’s dangerously fun :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Where’s Billfred? This would be a GREAT caption contest photo!

Well… maybe not all the fun… just a lot of it :wink: But, I did get to be the bot who “accidentally” made Adam-bot deploy his ramps. :smiley:

Last time I played slip and slide (grammer?) I stepped in dog poo!

Haha ya, I’m def in for a caption contest. This one just begs for a punch line…