pic: Referee squad at the inaugural CAGE Match.


From left to right: Kyle Love, Chris Elston, Wayne Doenges, Mark Koors, Scott Miller, Andy Baker, Mike Taylor (with microphone), Steve Florence. Not pictured: Head Ref Stuart Bloom.
Heck of a referee crew for a first-time event, eh?

I know one team who was very upset with one of those guys in the finals :slight_smile:

One of the cool things about this event is the arena. Check out the stadium seating in the background. This is one of many Indiana high school gymnasiums that can hold over 4,000 spectators.

Hey, Mike, how many seats are in that gym?

We grow high school gyms to be big in Indiana. According to this site, 9 of the top 10 gyms are in the Hoosier state.

Andy B.

Just over 7,200. Obviously the participants are behind the cameraperson and therefore not in the frame. Perhaps next year we should make a couple thousand cardboard cutouts to give the illusion of a full Fieldhouse.

You also grow them loud, very loud. I remember well from junior high days at basketball games and from recent years at IRI. Now, there’s CAGE Match. Awesome!

I’ll tell you one thing, it was a long trek up to that concession stand. (which is closed in the picture!) By the time you got back to where your team was sitting your pizza would be done and you would have only an ounce of soda left!

You should see the bleachers during commencement and basketball games!!! Yea, it’s a walk, but people get used to it.