pic: Reintroducing team 3958 Schrödinger's Cat 2013 robot, the BIG SWEEP

Hi gear: 15fps
Low gear: ~6 fps

Shoots, scores, hangs for 10

Realistically holds 3 frisbees(we are cheating in the picture)
Linear actuators move arm up and down
Shoots from under the pyramid or the corner
Picks up from the ground
Makes 90-100% of autonomous shots

4 cim’s on drive train
2 pg71’s on linear actuators
2 other andymark motors on indexing
2 bag motors for “daisies”(our pickup mechanism)
2 other andymark motors on our “wrist” actuator
1 cim on the shooter

(total of 13 for those of you counting)

Mechanical accomplishments:
all sprockets are laser cut abs
Linear actuators to move our arm up and down
‘Daisies’ made out of a combination of laser cut red rubber and ABS
Bumper is the strength of the chassis
32x23.75 wide bot
4wd with kop wheel and Super Shifters

WPI regional: averaged 0.42 points a match (5 points over 12 matches)
We missed almost all of our matches because we were finishing our robot, and we were programing it too…

Boston Regional: averaged 42 points a match (our opr), semifinalists
with 1100 and 2349, 6th seed, audges award at the Boston Regional and our mentor received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (Joe Johnson)

Oh ya, and we “forgot” to tell people this at our regionals, but it is made out of mostly wood and plastic