pic: Relentless

The CAD rendering and the Actual. It’s named Relentless because we dedicated this season to a girl at our middle school that has leukemia. We collected funds to donate to the organization with Relentless wristbands and are relentlessly striving to do whatever we can to help her.

sweet, a robot with a cause!
my aunt died of some strange form of leukemia.

Lookin’ Good. I’m definately going to have to get a closer look at Boilermaker :smiley:

wow that’s quite an interesting design. must be inspired by the triangular cheesy poofs design of 05 right? i like the idea of the end effector not really having any grab type of mechanism but instead the wrist joint helps pick up the tube and with 2 joints you can get almost any angle. i like it a lot, great job.

Actually, it does have a grab type of mechanism. A small pneumatic cylinder actuates it to grab ringers, and it can grab it with one of the claws on the outside and one on the inside, or both on the inside and just open to hold the ringer from the inside. I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about with 2 joints, since it’s three, and they’re all independently operated…so yeah. I should get some sleep…lol

yeah the design was kinda inspired from the 22/254 design in 05 thanks to one of our new mentors that was from 22 … we just made some changes like the moving wrist … also jeff kane yeah u should get some sleep