pic: Remember when?

Guess what year this was. Were you there?

I know what game it was. It had one of the most famous FRC robots of all time, but I don’t see that robot on the field. As an extra hint for anybody else… There was no autonomous that year, or for any year before it.

And no, I wasn’t there. I went for Coopertition FIRST (2000), as a too-young-to-join mentor’s kid.

Would that make it 2001 and the robot being Team 71?

Sticking with Wayne’s challenge to “guess” and resisting the temptation to start looking things up, I’ll go with 1999. Second year for fixed team numbers, and the first year that team numbers exceeded 200. Note the 226 placard in the foreground.

No I was not at Epcot that year – I was there in '96 and '97.

2002 Zone Zeal. I was not there, my team was.

Forgive me. Most definitely 2002. I was there with 968.

My team was there are rookie year.

Robot, yes. Year, nope: Eric got it right first, followed by Travis.

330 was there, but I was not. (I joined the team the following year.)

With my added hint: You may notice that I specifically did not reference any lack of autonomous after the 2002 game–the automode started in 2003. :wink:

I thought auto started in 03 but want sure of their flop was auto or not. Ah well, should have known.

Yes. That was actually my fourth time at the Championships.

(You can tell it’s 2002 by the yellow balls on the field, and because the the large tower in the background has an “Epcot” sign, instead of the numerals “2000”.)

I spy with my eye Mandy Moore hiding behind the back of the stage.

And FIRST-branded Shasta water bottles.

It was 2002. You can tell by the yellow soccer balls lining the edge of the field. If you look really close you can probably see me pulling my hair out as we try to repair our shredded gear box between the matches :slight_smile:

I was there! I don’t see that robot either, which means I don’t see me - I was wherever it was, either driving it or fixing it :smiley: Oh how I miss the Disney days…

I was there and my team (93) was on the Einstein field when it was a normal division! Trivia question: Which division did they add after Einstein stopped being one of the four divisions?

I believe it was Archimedes.

Archimedes was definitely around in 02. It was Galileo.

I was a freshman in high school on 234 sitting even further back in the stands from where this picture was taken. I remember how hot it was and not being able to see much of what was happening on the field. Though some say they want to go back to Disney, I think we’ve come a long way.

Yeah…the combination of watching the elims on Einstein and then sitting through the closing ceremonies in the sun was absolutely brutal. It must have been close to 100* and 90% humidity in 2002.

I can confirm this with photographic evidence:

(yes I was there… my senior year on team 38)

I remember there being a Newton, and a Watt. I don’t recall Curie or Galileo, but my memory is getting fuzzy with old age.

And a few more images-

The pit tent:

Slightly closer (but lower resolution) view of Einstein:

My first year in FIRST.
My least favorite game and it was hot and all I wanted to do was find shade.

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