pic: Remembering matches and important stuff

We thrive on sharpies.

this might just be the best form of remembering what match your in at regionals. I use this technique at all events and it might just be the most helpful thing ever. (We also do this with swimming) But what i have found out what works is Match#-Red/blue(1,2 or 3)-other team# so you would get something like this- 11-B1-2587,2468

Best method I have come up with too, though I can’t write on my hand as rubber handles on tools usually manage to wear it off rather quickly (especially when I am constantly using Allen T-wrenches to tighten 80-20)

With the setup of our pit, we can mount a small dry erase board right next to our stack of bumpers. It’s a fairly good method until someone leans up against it and wipes it all off.

I’ll see if I can find a photo of it.

Unfortunately, that always happens within the FIRST 5 minutes in which it’s written. Happens every year! :slight_smile:

Hahaha, yeahhh…
Its good for a while…
When I was human playering the sharpie came of my hand and I moved to my wrist XD

To quote a close a personal friend of mine.

“I have lost pens, paper, pencils, BUT I am yet to lose my arm.”

What was the name of that wi-fi app that used to keep track of this for teams in real time?

That was great until it got banned.


Use blue and red sharpie color to designate alliance color?

It’s called Sundial. And while it is banned for use in wireless networks you can still set it up and use it in a computer. A separate monitor is useful for this.

True, but there are still some other great digital aids. FRC Spyder, or tracker work great and as a phone app will update on the fly.

-Since I am anal, I usually resort to writing it all down on a sheet of paper. This way, I have both a hard copy and a personal digital copy. We also keep a custom dry erase board with everything on it. [Which is really just a laminated sheet, which has a structure which can be used for years to come]

See you in St. Louis Mean Machine!

P.S. I’ve always wanted a 2471 shirt, just saying… :slight_smile: Good luck and we’ll see you in the pits!

Write notes on the back of your hand. That way it won’t rub off.

Plus, that way you’ll know the schedule like the back of your hand.

You would be surprised where I have rubbed stuff off contorting to replace parts on robots. Arm seems to be the most reliable method for me.

And FRC Spyder proved handy for me this year, just had our team favorited, took seconds to look up the next match.

Get a couple of sheet protectors, split into enough single foils to cover your white board. Tape them to the edges of the white board (along the top will work best) When you want to make a notation on the board, simply lift the film covering the section of the board you want to alter, write there, let the film fall to cover your markings. Accidental erasure is still possible, but much harder to do. BTW FedEx kinko has sheet protectors or laminate sheets in larger than 8.5x11 sizes. Look there for greater than average coverage.