pic: Render Test - Robot Funhouse

Just messing around again - this time with reflections. Fun house type mirrors, floor, wall. (Alternate interpretation - I’ve finally lost it.)

Looks like the Bees need to start working out a little.

And looks like SWART Dogs could only reach the bottom peg.

I think 148 should chrome there robot next year.

I run Creo Elements Pro / 5.0 and the setting to export material properties to the STEP file defaults to off (probably to reduce file size.) If you leave it off, you get an all grey model (I added a bit of color to 148 after I imported it.) If you turn on the material properties export setting most of the color comes through. I like the color because it’s a bit easier to study the details of the model (and it looks good.) Inventor and SolidWorks probably have similar settings.

Has any team ever actually chrome plated their robot?

I wanted to chrome our robot this year but our captain said I’d have to pay for the entire process as well as find a vat large enough to fit the robot in.

968 has used chrome in the past. Their shooter, baseplate and various other parts of their 2009 robot were chrome if I remember correctly.

I believe some of those were just polished.

Our team hasbeen debating power coat and anodizing. I think we will Crome most of our parts next year. (hopefully)

When I was on team 74 in high school we chrome-plated our 1997 robot. I graduated that year but I think the team did it again in 1998 as well.

I think the “arm” of team 75 from 2007 game was chrome. It is in “Behind the Design” from that year and is a beautiful arm. It was even shinier in person. In the book it looks like it could just as easily be polished aluminum, but i was pretty sure it was chromed thin wall 4130.

I’m fairly sure at least the baseplate was chromed. The others might have been polished.

It was highly polished. Easily passable for being chromed. However, it was only polished, along with the shooter roller and any other parts. No chrome for 968 that year, but they did chrome the wheel rings in the past. 2006 what I remember most for the chromed wheel rings.

Does anywhere in California even still do chroming?