pic: Return of the MOE sticks


Use them in good health (at least until you go deaf).

I remember the MOEStix / WizardSticks trade. Green for Purple.

Pete, the only reason you miss them is because you now wear a striped shirt or fashionable coveralls with a huge target on the back and are on the field. far, far away.

As someone who has sat in front, in back, off to the side, in the stands, in proximity to the MOE sticks, I had fantasies of ripping them out of the youthful hands and beating them senseless. :eek: I had special MOE stick earplugs which rendered me unable to hear anything.

I love the MOE team and their spirit. I hated the MOE sticks. MOE is creative enough to show their spirit other ways.
Go teams!

ps. MOE stayed till the end of Ramp Riot, long after their team was eliminated. That is spirit. No sticks necessary.

Jenny - thanks for not beating any of our team members up with their own MOE sticks! That must have taken some willpower to hold yourself back!

Link to the classic “MOE Sticks Kidnapped!” CD thread. Something to read as you digest your turkey and stuffing. :smiley:



The kids or the sticks?

Exactly! And that is but one reason that MOE is so well known and respected!


I haven’t ever witnessed MOE sticks, but by the way some of you are describing them, I probably wouldn’t like them much either.

TJ squared had drums made of water jugs, they smacked on them with sticks. That doesn’t sound nearly as bad as these so-called MOE sticks.

a year before the FIRST ban on wooden clappers, I distinctively remember making them illegal in the North Brunswick…

No Mike- not illegal- but we NEVER need to worry about seeing them at NB… :rolleyes:

WC :cool:

The sticks, of course! :wink: Beating the students does not fall into the catergory of “gracious professionalism.”