pic: Revenge is a dish best served wrapped with tennis and ping pong balls

This is payback for what FRC Team 447 did to us at CMP.

What did 447 do? I didn’t see it. You never competed against them (I don’t think) so it can’t be that.

Reminds me of a 668 tradition…

Those are our captains in the saran wrap. That’s me happily binding them in it.


Anyways, I would also like to know what 447 did. This looks like it’s going to be an entertaining story.

At CMP the team saran wrapped our pit and filled it with ballooons. They also placed there banner over our robot.
From what I heard from the mentors they had spies watching our pits waiting for us to leave before they attacked.

Here’s the CMP pic: http://huntingtonrobotics.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/447-prank.jpg

That’s beautiful.

Your comeback is pretty good though.

haha, this was a lot of fun between the two teams. We did have spies waiting for everyone to leave the 1501 pit at CMP, and from how long you guys were hanging around we started to believe that you might have a similar idea in mind. We did not expect anything at State Champs and was caught off guard though I did instruct the students to protect the pit from 1501…just not the truck and trailer… Well played 1501, well played.

Many ideas have been flying around the 447 meetings about potential counter-strikes…

Huh. I smell a new award at CAGE Match - Best Team Prank.

Your move, BPRC.

We don’t get mad. We don’t get even. We go One up :smiley:

Isn’t there some old saying like “Do on to others as they do on to you” ?

Revenge? Get even? We were all wrapped up in the love shown us from 1501…

I’m still waiting for 314 to get back at us for wrapping their trailer in green ribbon and blow up frogs…

I saw you doing that… :wink:

This is one way to keep the trailer from getting stolen at CMP…

It’s also how you keep track of everyone on the team!

Herding team members is like herding cats.

Did you guys find the ping pong ball on the antenna? If so, when?

…Ping pong ball on the antenna?!? I’ll have to go check…