pic: Revenge of the Chain Fighter


This is what happens when the newly discovered Inventor Studio, Vex modeling, frustration with chain, and an obsession with Star Wars all combine.

so I assume that’s an omni-wheel?

Yea this is an omni wheel to a vex robotic team that I helped mentor last fall.

Did you guys have to make that chain piece by piece too? I had to make three of those chains on inventor, it took about 4 days to finish, because the computer slowed way down after I got about 25 inches on it. It was really annoying to make those darn chains, piece by piece, I thought I would lose any sanity that I had left by the end of it.

hey did you ever got your vex chains to work, i have been working with the vex chains for a while and i cant never get the rigth number of pieces to make it tigth so it can work