pic: Revised* Another view

This is the top view of my torque converter.

You wanted some feedback so here you go. For the overall design it looks great. I don’t know a whole lot about CVTs but it appears that the actual CVT stage of it occurs after a relatively large reduction from the motor. This is good in the sense that the belt is moving slower but bad in the sense that its cones have more torque. Which means there will have to be more friction between the belt and the cones in order to prevent slipping.

In the gear reduction, why are some of the gears different widths? Also, why is the Chiaphua on a separate mount? Last, you don’t really need a shaft coming off the Chiaphua. You can put a gear right on it and it will be fine, just like the team 716 2003 single speed gearbox.

I like it. The a-cvt video is really cool. Do you think you’ll try to add the floating sprocket bars or something like that?

I think your design looks good. be sure to share it. I would love for my team to build something like this.

Wow cool…thanks for the feedback…as far as the gear widths those arent the actuall ratios yet…Im still working with them. There really is no rhyme or reason for the actual widths. I will be using the I-sprockets as soon as i get my ratios.

I plan to also find away for have the the cones toothed w/ a toothed belt. Only 4 to six teeth would be on the cone…but like I said…its still being developed.



Sanddrag, I believe the reason the CIM is on another mount is because of his bearing for the shaft that the CIM is coupled to. If he removed the shaft and placed the gear on the CIM output shaft as you suggested, the bearing wouldn’t be in the way and there would just be a clearance hole for the output shaft, and the motor could mount flush with the plate.

Looks like a pretty nifty design :slight_smile:


Yes cory, infact its wrather simple to mount the plates directly to the chipaua’s It would be easier than trying to run the shaft over it, if he were to just mount the chips directly to the plate, and place the gear on a set screw or keyway on the chip. Thats what our team does every year, works strong every time, never have problems with it, and we put our bots through hell after comp.