pic: Revolution Pro 2


New for 2016 an update to our Revolution Co-axial Crab/Swerve Module.

To reduce weight we shortened the steering column and changed the propulsion input shaft to be 1/2" hex.

This is the same great module that has been popular with many teams and has seen some serious battle…including a trip to Einstein…just better!!

We are proud to say that we’ve been providing FRC teams with high quality components mechanical assemblies, robot controllers and support since 2008!

Good luck teams.

This looks really slick and professional. What’s the price point for one of these modules? If you don’t mind me asking, what team ran these on their robot on Einstein?

Here is their website listing: http://www.team221.com/viewproduct.php?id=147

It is listed at $275.

Looks like there’s supposed to be an embedded video on that page but it appears to be broken.

Here’s the video if anyone is curious:

Given the extensive use of VexPro components, have you guys considered selling these on through Vex?

I’ve always been impressed with the quality of products 221 has made. One of these days I’ve got to convince my team to actually take the time to finish the Wild Swerve kit we bought like 8 years ago for a practice bot (never could get the steering part figured out). And I’d still like to see you guys make a #35 chain tool, the #25 tool is great, we’ve been unable to find comparable tools for #35 chain that work as well.

I know 2481 ran them to Einstein in 2014 and also had success with them (not Einstein but quite the regional run) in 2015.

I second this!

We have one similar to this that works well, in a similar fashion to the Dark Soul Chain Tool: http://www.jegs.com/i/Amundsen-Research-Components/056/3720/10002/-1

Our team tried that exact models actually, it had a tendency to just bend the chain and the pin actually broke after a few uses.

Given the extensive use of VexPro components, have you guys considered selling these on through Vex?

Vex was involved in the design of this unit early on. They are aware of our products and we are happy to develop new products around their quality components.

To date they have decided not to sell this module or any crab/swerve module…likely do to the very small market that exists.

I’m very happy with the subtle upgrades we’ve made…this is still a great module and definitely an effective alternative to custom machining your own.