pic: Revolution Pro, mount with 2X CIM and Versa

We recently added this combined propulsion and steering mount to our line of Revolution Swerve Module accessories.

2x CIM with single reduction
Versa Planetary

What is the weight? Is it available on the site yet?
Very neat. Looks very well machined.

I was wondering who would be the first to release a complete swerve solution. This looks very good, but I have a few questions:
How much would one cost?
Where would an encoder be mounted?
How much would one weigh?
What’s the final gear reduction?

No price as of yet…this was a custom build. The propulsion only unit sells for $550 complete.


Weight as shown is 11.2lbs

Ratio shown is 7.46:1

The propulsion shaft is from a Cimplebox…so the propulsion encoder goes underneath. The main mount plate has the features for mounting a US Digital encoder.

The steering has some features for mounting a sensor, but the Versa shaft needs to be modified to use them. The unit shown has no mods for a steering sensor. The customer will supply their own.

I gotta ask. What exactly is that $550 including? Is the turning gearbox included in this price as it isn’t for propulsion. How about turning and driving motors?

Even if the $550 included one entire module, motors and everything ready to go, $2200 for 4 swerve modules would be tough to justify spending more than half you budget on for a lot of teams (if the budget is (~$4,000 still). Even a discount for buy a whole set would still take a huge chunk of change.


Very cool build. Like the simple mounting mechanism/pattern.

The $550 price quoted was in reference to the propulsion only unit.

The full combo unit with steering sells for closer to $700.

These assembled units aren’t necessarily targeted to FRC. Revolution modules are popular for FRC, but these complete units are generally sold in the off-season or in other hobby markets.

We just like to share. CAD pictures are cool, but hardware in hand is cooler. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a lot of cash.
You could make it work with a 3-wheel swerve I think. But that’s still $2100 without encoders.

I love swerve but they are resource hogs.

I think that this is great for off-season and practice robots. When it comes to the competition robot, teams may have to make a lot of the components themselves in order to meet the $4K limit.

Dr. Joe J.