pic: REX 1727

This summer REX has constructed a new robot for the Battle O’ Baltimore!

Oh! I can’t wait to see this, especially at BoB! Any specs on performance?

Are you doing closed-loop speed control on those mecanum wheels?


Are those VEX intakes rollers on VEX square axles passed along the front for your ball control? If so, I’m afraid you’re going to see some bent axles, cause those things warp like no one’s business.

  • Sunny

You can press fit Vex parts onto round shafts with some success.

How does this work compared to a pinch roller?

Can’t wait to see you guys at Battle O’ Baltimore!

Holy wiring mess batman! :eek:

Sorry that I didn’t answer these comments sooner! Thanks for all the input!

The VEX intake rollers are tapped and mounted on threaded rod to prevent bending. This robot was built in two weeks-we are now cleaning up the wiring mess! We aren’t using closed loop speed control, during regionals we used meccanums (8") and we are using the same programming for these.

This robot was mainly a learning tool to see if we could do everything pneumatically except for ball control. We kick and hang with pneumatics. It hangs in about 5 seconds and doesn’t need power to finish hanging because of the pneumatic system. The kicker is good for about a 20 foot arc (4’ high) with good velocity and the ball control tested well!

Our team had a scheduled two week build session immediately after school ended. We had about 20 kids sign up for it and it is amazing how much you can do with no school to get in the way!!!