pic: Rhino Drive Train

This is our rhino drive train with the pocketed bumper mounts.

Have you thought about track maintenance?

If a track needs replaced due to wear or breakage?

Yeah…it is going to be a hassle, but ultimately doable. We can get the tracks on and off from underneath, but tensioning them is a royal pain. :frowning:


Looks sweet, looking forward to seeing it in action.

Looks sweet!

Just curious, what made you choose Rhino treads instead of designing your own system. From the looks of the bumper mounts you have looks like you’re more than capable of building your own tread system. Not judging just curious what made you choose to buy one instead. Also sweet bumper Mounts.

Could possibly be a time saver. There are plenty of teams like my own that have the resources to build their own 3 CIM ball shifters, but it’s just practical to get a COTS transmission for the build season for time’s sake and leave the more complicated custom building for the off-season.

I’m not involved with 2980, so they could have a completely different reason.

The only concern I have with this drivetrain is what happens when head to head on defense.
2010 brings back lots of memories and experience.

Our team loves our rhino tracks!! We had some concerns about 2010 aswell but there is a grove on the track that prevents it from slipping off easily. We tried them on the rough terrain and the rock wall and they both gave us no problems!

So our team is capable, but we have two things working against us. First off, we are young this year and if FTC was any indicator, we have trouble getting things finished on time.

Second, we have never worked with treads before and would rather rely on someone else’s experience the first time out.

This saved us a ton of time. The kids still got to learn by building the pneumatic drive train (our team built both.) and we’ll have a robot driving around pretty soon if all goes well. I see this as the slippery slope of COTS mechanisms, but one I am willing to slip on for now.


Quick question. Will the front where the cut out is comply with the bumper rules. I interpreted the rules to mean that you have to have a minimum of 8 in covered and supported on each edge of the frame perimeter. Is each side of your cut out less than 8 in? it looks great by the way well done.


Ok so a couple of things. We ended up drilling out the rivets on the outside plates and replacing them with screws to facilitate replacing belts. This can now be done relatively quickly provided we can actually buy belts when they come back in stock.

Second, about the front bumper supports. They are 8 inches wide. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the help with this! Your feed back is helping us build a better robot.