pic: Rhode Island State Team Map

Yay for Rhode Island!!! the smallest state and its not the state with the least amount of teams w00t!! =D ok… acutally, we are a state with 2 teams, while the next lowest is 0, so really, we are the state with the least amount of teams, but whatever =D (btw this map was made in 2 minutes =D)

not so sound like i failed geography (but i nearly did) but Rhode Island sounds like false advertising when you look at this picture :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some islands there, though.

I thought there were more teams in Rhode Island.

Well it is technically called “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” but most people just say Rhode Island.

The islands are in Newport County, there are about 40 of them, with Aquidneck Island being the biggest one.

So now the true question, how long driving time is it between the two teams ?

40 minutes to an hour depending on traffic

Is that over the water or through Massachusetts?

Hmm… Rhode Island. Is that a state? I thought it was just an extension of Connecticut! :yikes:

Two random “bursts of insight,” for lack of better term:
One: Roger Williams, the guy who founded Rhode Island, is my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather (Isn’t that a mouthful) (And no, it does not get us a discount into his zoo :frowning: )
Two: It looks like Rhode Island could use some more teams. So…um work on that, and Pm me if I can help.

I can see my house! (I live in Portsmouth :smiley: )