pic: RI3D Team Indiana Building Ramps

Ramps on a robot? Ri3d Indiana chooses to elevate their partners to victory! Check out the assembly with just over 24 hours left. Recap show at 4pm Eastern with a chance to win a roboRIO from National Instruments and 4" compliant wheels from AndyMark, Inc.

Watch: Twitch or GameDay - The Blue Alliance

Team 6424 stealth panther robotics asks if your team could share your ramp dimensions so we can build a mock up to practice climbing ramps during competitions. Thank you.

Hi Stealth Panther Robotics
The two wings on each side of the robot had different dimensions. The ramp is 31.5" wide by 41" long. The platform was 31.5" on each side and sat parallel to the floor. Both hinges were roughly 13" off the floor and the robot’s roof which bridged the gap from the ramp to the platform was about 15" off the ground.

Good Luck with your build!

Is your plan to build two ramps or one long ramp that can fit 2 robots?

Is there a youtube link for the archived episode?

Team 1708 has the same concept but with one ramp and two platforms 12" above the ground that the alliance partners can sit on. Right now we are at 15.36 degrees for the angle from the ground onto our platforms.