pic: Rich Kressly

A little birdie gave me this picture to post. The little birdie was too scared to post it, so of course i decided to do it.

ok, I’ll give the search before you post statement!!!

CD’s Unofficial Caption Contest #119

old photo. We’ve already had our fun with it.

While it was indeed used before, this is the first appearance on CD Media. Besides, I don’t think a photo like this can ever get “old”

ahh, the little birdie that gave me the photo did not tell me it was previously posted. i shall have a talk with this birdie.

The sad thing is that I’m the one who first posted that image, and now I can’t remember who sent it!

I must be getting old.

I believe that would be the innocent one, Dave.

Well, yes – if we can believe what Dave says in this post.

And in addition to the caption contest, we have also used a happily modified version of that image to illustrate the ginormous size of Kressly’s head in this thread -



Hey Rich!

I tried, I really tried. Sigh. :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries. I’ll just take that little birdie’s twinkes away. Anyone wanna drive the 1712 robot? The job is open :slight_smile:


Wait a minute…? :smiley:

Well, if you’re gonna pick on someone at least you could mke it new material.