pic: Ring It Up Robot Concept

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More pictures here.


Only West Coast? Why not Swerve?
How much does it weigh, that’s the most important question here.
How slow is it?
Can It pick up tubes from the ground, if it can’t it won’t ever win.
Looking good Andrew ahahha

Not really. There is no weight limit on FTC robots :ahh:

Stick 25lbs of solid steel bar + the LEGO high-traction Tyres on there an you have one mighty* robot that can move everything on the field, including the field itself!

*Penalties DO apply if a team moves the field elements more than once in a competition – we found that out in 2010 the hard way.

Yea I know. My whole post was a joke, Just messing with Andrew.
Although Weight could be a factor, if this robot was going onto another teams robot to be lifted it would have to be light enough for the other bot to lift it up .

Is the bucket integrated into your lifting mechanism, or are they two seperate systems? If it’s the former than I would call that brilliant. If not, then I have a suggestion to make… ::Rolleyes:: Looks really beautiful, and clearly @Akoscielski3 is much too involved with FRC.

… lol


4bar telescoping arm. Everything outside the powering of the arm is passive.