pic: Ringer scored over a Keeper at the Las Vegas Regional 2007

In QF4-2 at the Las Vegas Regional 2007, a red human player threw a ringer onto a spider leg that 79 had already scored a keeper on.

Red won that match 40-32 and forced match 3. If the human player had instead thrown the ringer onto another ringer, Red would have lost.

Same thing happened to us in Philly. I forget which match it was. We placed a keeper on the low row and a HP throw bounced on the same spider leg (I didn’t see it bounce but I was told it did). It also was part of a big row and determined the match as a win for our alliance.

Wait, what am I missing. I thought a ringer put on a leg occupied by the same alliance keeper negated the leg?

Keepers can’t be negated.

If it had gone over a ringer, yes. However, the main thing about keepers is that nothing can ruin them. Spoilers have no effect on keepers, and neither do ringers.

That’s what I thought, but I’m still trying to figure it out. How is it an advantage then to put a ringer over a keeper?

Wow, nevermind. I completely misread the original comment. I thought it said that the round was won because he threw it on the keeper instead of another leg. My bad.

The refs conferred a little longer than usual on the call (on this unusual situation) but got it right. As others have said Nothing negates a Keeper.

On another note how odd is it that an improbable event like this happens twice in one weekend and on the same day? I haven’t heard of this happening before, which is not surprising considering the low numbers of both keepers scored and HP ringers scored.