pic: RIP Barry

Team 79’s loss is felt through the entire FIRST community. my thorughts and prayers are with Barry’s friends, family, and community.

I hate cancer.

Seeing all the folks at SMR wearing white ribbons this weekend was quite a tribute to this man.

I wish I could have met him but I met a lot of the people he influenced and that’s a wonderful legacy.

what a great man - our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the krunch family. he will surely be missed

On behalf of Team 180, I also send condolences and prayers to Barry’s family and to our good friends, Team 79.

Thank you barry, This means alot to us.

And thank you to everyone else who posted on this thread.

Condolences from all those on 1675

Our condolences from Team 108. I have had several chances to have conversations with Barry. He was very influential and always spoke positive about students in FIRST and how much he loved being part of this program. He will be missed.

Please pass along condolences from Team 111 to his friends and family.

Please pass along our condolences from 1251. I have had many chances to speak with Barry at various events being on another Florida team. His spirit and happiness always stood out when mentoring. He will be missed.

On behalf on team 1261, I have to say we are extremely saddened by your loss. You all did amazing at SMR, even into the Quartefinals when you had your manipulator collapse. It was amazing and inspiring to see your team come together and fix it before the next match. I’m sure he would have been as amazed, if not more, with your efforts as my team and I were.

I would like to say that it certainly was a privilege to be on an Alliance with such a legendary team as yours. His impact on your team, as well as others, was great, and he will not be forgotten by anyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with Team Krunch!

Thank you very this means a lot to the team and him as well. Thank you for your kind words.

My prayers and those of all on 744 go out to his family, friends and teammates. You represented him wonderfully in Tennessee. One of our mentors experiences with you that weekend has truly inspired our team to greater heights, and I’m sure much of that is due to Barry and his legacy.