pic: RIP Fisher Price Motor


that comm needed a cut anyways lol. why did you cut it open? the far one seems in pretty bad shape but the closer one not so much. and did you literally cut it open?

We fried both of those. (magic smoke > fan melted) So I dremel-ed them open to see how bad they looked on the inside.

If anyone else wants to open the fisher price motor (if it is already broken) you can hold the can in a vise and give the shaft a good tap with a hammer and the endbell should pop right out.

WHOA you really dremald that, because it looks nonclean to be dremald :ahh:

^ huh?

and is it possible to maybe put the endbell back together after popping it off? or no?. it is named a non rebuildable motor so im guessing not buutt.

sorry but i meant was y did you dermal-ed it in the first place