pic: River Ridiculous


Here's a game for you all to ponder.

Awesome. I love the floppies!


Yes! The ultimate game! Sweet work! :smiley:

Wow! :eek: I would love to see that game. Teams would have such a dillema in choosing what to go after. I highly doubt any one robot could do it all - floppies, large and small balls, raising high, balancing…oh my! I suppose nothing is impossible, but wow!

If this were real, where would the innertubes and floppies go (would floppies just be raised high like they were?)??

What a scoring nightmare :smiley:


:yikes: it looks like too much stuff on the field. but how would this game be played? very interested. :yikes:

I think the human players might need to grow a few extra arms in order to achieve as much as possible in this game. This would be a fun game to run in a CDI-esque competition.


Where ma tetras at?
C’mon, we need to have something triangular at least.

are those tubes i see? lol

Wow, I love it… a wonderful mixture of my favorite things from previous years. I could just imagine how the scoring/rules/game would go… it looks awesome. Only thing I think is that it would be cooler with 2 ramps instead of 3 (more space for robots to go under bars to encourage that, as well as encourages more of a hussle for whatever scoring that balancing the ramp gives you)

Man, I can’t wait to see that in early September. :wink:

Just one question…where’s the ball dump?

C’mon, you know you loved seeing all those balls bouncing all over the field. :smiley:

I take it you didn’t do field reset in 2004… :rolleyes:


You could also replace the center ramp with a tetra goal and put some tetra auto loaders on the field. The ball dumps would be great too (and I think Wetzel means field reset in 2004…when we had ball dumps).

Officially, no, I didn’t do field reset.

But I did help them out a bit in between matches, mainly shooting the aforementioned balls back into the dump. The only trouble came when you missed…

…so the solution? Don’t miss! :smiley: