pic: Rivet...Rivet...Rivet

All these rivets for one robot.

My guess is that you’ll have 5499 rivets in your robot this year.

Oh goodness…that is far too many rivets.

i think for 1501 its not enough rivets. nine more boxes then maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so you are going to use a robot to hold all of those rivets together? That sounds overly complicated. Just empty them into a single bigger box.

Once you melt all that raw metal down and cast it into robot parts, how will you connect the cast pieces together?

…and I was expecting frogs. :smiley:

Just beware those Harbor Freight rivets for high-strength applications; their quality is somewhat less than the name brands. (But for 90% of what we do with them, they are just fine. We just don’t use so many…)

Glad to see we’re not the only ones using Harbor Freight rivets… :slight_smile:

We have never had a rivet failed. Even when a team hit us at full speed three times (before bumpers). No rivet sheared or broke.

lol. I have to say. Rivets stand alone above duct tape and zip ties for a lot of purposes

Wow…that many rivets reminds me of my team’s 2007 robot. I heard we went through over a thousand rivets between 3 competitions.

rivets are lighter then bolts

So what is the weight of one of those boxes?
I went to HB but did not find any details on the weight. So there is 500 in one box?:ahh:

And all those rivets sure make the robot look pretty! :]

That’s all one robot, or does it include the prototyping / mistakes?
Wouldn’t surprise me either way.

and how much of that weight is the mandrels?

We are planning on building a robot to hold all the rivets together :smiley:

hahaha those were the days. you had to build a tank basically. :slight_smile:

Bah, hardly… I competed in 2003 and 2004 with chassis made from 80/20-esque aluminum extrusion, and 1" square aluminum tube. No problems… well, we bent the 2004 chassis after a particularly hard head-on autonomous collision, and had to cut a piece out to free up the wheels again.

Our 2005 machine was totally Monocoque. Which means we had NO internal structure, just bent aluminum. We took three full court, full speed hits. It bent the aluminum a little, between bulkheads, but did no appreciable damage to bot. Monocoques is STRONG.