pic: ROBBE Team 56 - Ready for Lift-Off

Here’s the 2017 version of R.O.B.B.E. from Bound Brook HS and Ethicon.
We will be competing at the MAR District Events in Bridgewater and Montgomery.

How do you drop the gears on the peg? Seems like there’s a lot of robot between your box and where the peg would be.

Looks like their whole super-structure can move back and forth. Unless the belt in the bottom is for something else.

Looks like sprung loaded hinges and a pusher we can’t see to me.

Correct. We have a pusher behind the gear powered by a 7" stroke air cylinder that nicely pushes the gear to the back of the peg.

Does that GoPro have built in WiFi? If so, is that allowed during matches?

Wifi has to be turned off.

The GoPro was mounted for testing purposes. It will be removed before the competitions.

Nice looking robot! I am always impressed by the clean, effective look of Robbe’s bots.

All the best this season!