pic: ROBBE XTREME (Team 56) - Ready to Play

Here’s the 2009 version of ROBBE from Bound Brook, NJ. Those of you who have followed our designs in the past will notice that this one is very different from our usual low and sleek models, I guess big and boxy will be in this year. Happily, we have returned to our traditional red team colors.

After watching our robot in action, one of the Ethicon engineers compared it to the Escher waterfall painting. I think he meant that as a compliment.


Any chance of scoring a video for the new ROBBE XTREME bot?

I am planning to video the robot at tonight’s meeting. Should have it up soon.

How responsive are the motors that control the dumping mechanism? If they aren’t that responsive, then their is a great possibility of a lot of balls missing their intended targets. Also, scoring could be a problem. If you are up against a robot that has a mid-range, 360 turret, they will have the ablility to fire upon you and possibly into your trailer. That and the fixed dump (or lack or multiple dumps) will mean that you do not have defensive systems (systems that are capable of scoring enough when you get pinned so that they will not try to pin you). Is that a concern?

nice job.

how is the belt made ?

The front belt is made with good old Home Depot shelf liner. It has a very good surface for picking up the balls.

In order to improve the accuracy of the dump, the shooter roller speed is varied by the distance to the target. Also, the camera can be used to assist the driver in making the final moves toward the goal. We think it should be a quick scoring machine at distances up to three feet.

How did you join the product from Home Depot into an endless loop?

Woot! Another impressive looking (and performing I take it) bot from Robbe.

Hope to play together in Philly real soon:D

We used “Hammer-in Steel Alligator Belt Lacing #7” from McMaster-Carr (Part #6110K153) to make the belt ends.

Nice and clean. I assume you are willing to justify your use of what looks like a legal bumper?

Seeing this thing up close, i can’t wait to see it on the field with 5 other robots there also. Are you guys coming on Saturday?

Lovely robot! It may not be low, but it is still sleek. I always enjoy seeing what you design.

But where is the coin slot and change return? :wink:

Nice looking machine!!!
I can’t wait to see it in action at the NYC Regional.

haha thats hilarious

Nice looking machine!

MOE 365 is looking forward to seeing 56 again at Philly. It’s been a few years!

Nice bot but is this pic supposed to be an optical illusion. Look Closely


hey, dident you guys come to florida last year?

are you coming this year?

We went to Florida the last two years and really enjoyed the event. Due to budget limitations, we will be staying closer to home this year. We will be going to New York City and Philadelphia.

jerry how have you been, and after all your time in first you only have 27 posts on CD.
robot looks nice this year i might swing by one of the regionals to catch up with you guys good luck