pic: Robert Steele: Woodie Flowers 2011

Over the past four years for me, he has become more than a mentor, more than my coach, he is my Skunkfather. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than him. It has been long overdue.

Congratulations on this and the volunteer of the year award coach. You’re the best!

And next to our award winning amazing coach we have Lydia Johnston, A regional Dean’s list finalist closing her eyes for the camera.

Congratulations to Bob Steele! Without 1983’s generously letting us use their field week after week, there’s no way we could’ve done as well as we did this past weekend. I’m sure this holds true for many other teams as well. A Woodie Flowers award well-deserved!

Congratulations, Bob - you skunk you.

So very happy for you. I knew it was only a matter of time, after that discussion we shared during your rookie year and your team was hungry for fundraising ideas/suggestions. I had no idea that skunks could be so hungry. You guys remind me a lot of pigs. That fly. Don’t let them teach you how to do that; flying skunks could only spell trouble. Seriously.

And congratulations to Lydia, too. :slight_smile:


Well deserved, Bob! It was just a matter of time.

Your selflessness inspires so many, students and mentors alike.

Saints Robotics is eternally grateful for your help this season. Best of luck to you and the team in Portland!

Congratulations, I can’t think of any one more deserving of the Woodie Flowers award. Besides being an inspiration to his team together they have done much to lift the level of teams in the region. I can say our program likely would not be where we are today w/o the work of Mr Steele and the Skunkworks team. In our rookie year, before my time, w/o their gracious professionalism we likely wouldn’t have made on the field. They are also quite gracious with their resources having essentially an open door policy at their practice field as noted by the Saint’s Robotics member. Since then our sights have been set on emulating their team and rising to their level. Our entire team was quite sad that we didn’t get the chance to compete with and/or against such an awesome team. A team that certainly wouldn’t be at the level they are w/o the efforts of Mr Steele. Congratulations again and we look forward to competing with and/or against you in Portland.

Congratulations for a well-earned and probably overdue honor.

These are common stories that I hear about FIRST FRC Team 1983. If there is one person or one team that I hear everyone in Washington wants to be like, it is Mr. Steele and Skunkworks. Whether it is in victory or defeat, I have always found them to be very humble and gracious. Our team wishes them the best of luck for the season. We look forward to meeting them again in the future.

Congrats Robert!
I thought you won it back with team 1018. Well overdue and well deserved!
Join the club. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that he received “Volunteer of the Year” as well. Don’t know if anyone has ever won both at the same event in the same year.

Mind you… nobody else is Bob.


I definitely won’t forget it ever. I thought when he won the volunteer award, that he wasn’t going to win WFFA. However, as soon as they started reading passages from our essay, it was clear that he was finally getting the recognition we know he desrves.

I had no idea that the WFFA had nothing to do with FIRSTWA or Seattle period. When I heard that it was judged in NH and that even Kevin Ross hadn’t heard until about a half hour before, I was shocked.

Mr. Steele has made a huge impact in my life and so many others, I’m proud to call him my Skunkfather. Thanks to all of you for the kind words and appreciation. It’s wonderful to see him get thanks for his years of dedicated service.

Great job. A very much earned award. Congrats on the Volunteer of the Year award at the same time.

The same person winning both Woodie Flowers and Volunteer of the Year award at the same regional has happened one other time. Our coach, Robert Hendel won both at Portland last year.

This means the NW is the home of World Domination, starting with our great volunteers and mentors.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
With all of the great mentors and volunteers out there I am very humbled that I was chosen from all of them to be honored in this way.

Thank you so much!!


Congrats Mr. Steele! You and your team have been great role models for many people in FRC including myself. Congrats and I wish you guys continued success.

I am continually astonished at how big a family FIRST really is. I hope to meet you in St. Louis.

Have a great year!!